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  • “New” News on Saturated Fat


    MuscleDiet Report 8 2 2012

    MuscleDiet Update

    Hi All,

    Over the next few days, you are likely to hear on the news or read in the paper that the dreaded saturated fat that government organizations and health bodies have been warning us about for decades actually isn’t really unhealthy. Yes, some of the world’s wisest nutrition experts are going to be speaking at a European Union Conference and demonstrating that one of the main public health messages that has been shouted from the rooftops for decades is actually wrong.

    Specifically, they will present a review of all of the studies on this topic and their conclusion is that if we reduce our saturated fat intake and replace it with carbohydrates, risk of heart and artery (cardiovascular) disease either stays the same or may even increase!

    Of course, this isn’t new, I reported this emerging fact almost two years ago – look under the title, “MuscleDiet Update” on the following link – .

    The dairy industry has been saying for years that milk and cheese is good for you despite most of its fat being saturated. In fact some studies show that people who drink full-fat milk are leaner than those who drink low-fat milk and eating full-fat cheese is actually associated with a lower risk of diabetes.

    So if you hear or read a report saying that “new evidence shows that saturated fat may not be as harmful as previously thought…”, it’s not “new evidence”, it’s just proof of a failure of the media to do its job properly and report important facts.

    Mark Gilbert B.Sc. (Nutiriton)

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